A Seventh-day Adventist Organization

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What do I say if I am contacted by the media?

  • A. Send all media calls to the Office of Public Relations at 909-558-4111 or x44111

What is the phone number to call for disaster information recording?

  • A. 909-558-7979 or x87979

What is our social media policy?

  • A. LLUMC employees, students, contractors, or volunteers may not engage in social networking that violates LLUMC policies and/or state and federal laws regarding patient confidentiality. This is especially true of LLUMC policies regarding patient confidentiality and HIPAA. The discussion or posting of information or image pertaining to LLUMC patients in social networking is prohibited, even if the patients’ name or full face image are not revealed. Exception granted only to postings by LLUMC Marketing department upon prior written full consent from the patient. (from LLUMC Policy I-97:  Social Media)